Sunday, December 31, 2006

Planning For A Great New Year Celebrations?

Be Cautious When Planning For The Countdown!

Most people will be celebrating the New Year Eve with a drink or 2. Usually an alcoholic drink. It is not really that bad for the once in a year occasion but over drinking is not going to make the Celebration any merrier.

Let's make this Celebrations more meaningful by capping the limit and welcome The Year 2006 with more cheers. Continue here...

I would like to wish all my visitors here a Happy New Year and may this New Year bring much more joy than the last with improved Health.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Smoking Hazards

"No Cigarette is Safe"

This is the Warning published by JT International on a leaflet for of all the coffee shops which distribute cigarettes. It was published in 4 languages- English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.
The message from JT International to smokers is:
"No cigarette is safe.
Cigarette companies have traditionally used various means to allow consumers to distinguish between products. These may be words, like "lights", "mild", or pack colours, or other elements of products and pack design. None of these elements of pack or product design, including brand names, taste and flavour or our cigarettes, are intended to suggest that any cigarette is less harmful than any other. If you want to reduce or eliminate the health risks of smoking, quitting is the best choice for you. Many smokers have quit without help, but if you have difficulty quitting, you should consult a health professional."
I am vary of the reason for the big tobacco company to publish this memo. Could it be because of the preparation of a big litigation battle? Like the one which is being carried out against the tobacco companies?

Apart from the warning sign and a brief write-up on the danger of smoking, there are no further details on the leaflet like the address or the specific company. Quite strange! But this is what I found out about JT International.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Mindset Role In Healthy Living

Healthy Mindset Makes Healthy Life

I have this believe in setting a good healthy mindset.

That mindset is in fact better than having the most comprehensive insurance scheme ever! Believe me. Some people may make all the effort to eat well, sleep well and exercise well but smoke and drink heavily. What's the point in this sense?

It is sad that not many would put their health as the primary concern by taking care in each and every one of their actions. Some of them would have acknowledge the side effect from smoking and drinking but majority of them would choose to ignore the negative sides and take their health for granted.

Their attitude drives them to procrastinate. What they have in mind for a healthy lifestyle is not urgent and can wait for tomorrow and the day after. Day after day, month after month and year after year. The awareness starts when something serious developed. Then maybe they will start to think....

Probably it's too late or probably the organs have develop some defects. At this scenario, even the best medicine and supplement could not reverse the 'half gone organs'. Who is to blame? Not the cigarette. Not the doctors. Not the genetic but the attitude of the beholder.

Taking simple but discipline steps would help. Stick to the simple plan like cutting down the bad habits. Make a note of the change. Even by simply cutting down the cigarettes by 1 stick a day. By the 20th day, probably you would have cut off from smoking if you were on a packet a day. The actions are not drastic but the achievement will make great improvement in your future health.

Keeping a journal of your current state of health and the way to improve it will help to eliminate most hurdles people face. You will get a great boost when you see the results from your small mindset change.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year Resolution Care For Our Kids

Time Is Up To Make Sure Our Kids Deserve The Best

I have made a list of 'must do' for my 2 sweet little princess for 2007. My priority for them are their health and their education.

I came across an article which fits my kids health program. It is all here...

The Pastor Did Not Make It

I Got This News Yesterday

My previous post on Platelet 'SOS'.

I felt sad but at the same time happy for the Pastor. Finally he doesn't need to suffer any further.

The Pastor took his last breath on the Dec 26, 2006. A day after Christmas. According to some, it is a good day to leave this world to near GOD.

The doctors and everybody else did what they could to help. A very challenging time for all. Especially the Pastor.

My sympathy to all the family members and wish them to be strong during this bereavement. To the Pastor, RIP

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Taiwan Quake Brings Havoc To Internet Users

Are We Handicapped?

There were Tsunamis' Alert right after the quake. We were mesmerising the event about 48hrs ago on what had happened 2 yrs ago.

And this morning it struck again. How bad we don't know. News is that our Internet connections are down by half. There were damaged to our APCN2 submarine cable....

Let's hope everything will go smoothly and let's pray for casualty less...

Read more news here...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bad Experience At The Police Traffic Department and JPJ

Should I Call It My Bad Day?

I know it is not good to post this bad experience of mine today in my blog but I can't help it. It seems like the situation is getting worst...

Although this has nothing to link to my health blog but I am really frustrated with the service I have received from these 2 Departments.

I had my traffic summons status checked online at MyEG eServices. I had 4 summonses for the past one year. 1 for speeding, 2 for parking offences and another which was not mine.

The problem was about my car which I had changed the registration number effective on Nov 15, 2002. It was acknowledged by the JPJ(Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan/ Road Transport Department). On the day itself, I had my new registration number with a new number plate on my car.

Some where late last year, I was shocked to discover that I had a summon for the old number on a motorcycle dated back Dec 12, 2002. I went to the Traffic Police in Jalan Petani to rectify the problem. The Officer showed me the speed trap photograph on my old number. The offender was on a Kriss motorcycle. The Officer knew it was a mistake in that instance and assured me that he will handle the case personally with their Department.

When I checked my summon status 2 days ago, that particular summon was still there. Nothing was done from the Officer whom I encountered last year. I went back to the Traffic Police Department to rectify the problem again and at the same time to settle my other dues. To my amazement, the duty officer told me that it was not their problem on the mistakes and ask me to get JPJ to clarification.

I knew this would be a long hassle stuff for me and for Malaysians in general. I made myself present to the JPJ at 1pm to settle it but was told that they did not have the officer in charge in their Penang Island Department. She told me to deal direct with JPJ Seberang Jaya which is about 1 hr drive from here on the mainland. Instead I ask for their contact number.

I was given this number 04-3988809 and to look for Bahagian Saman (Summon Department). I made the call to the Department. As usual, needless to say, need to wait for a long time for respond. I ask for the Summon Department. A man picked up the phone. I introduced myself and the reason for my call. Then in return, I asked for his name. He said he did not need to tell me his name. I was shocked with the kind of respond although I spoke with respect to him. He referred me to Bahagian Pendaftaran (Registration Department). Then he hung up!

I called again and this time to the Reg. Dept. Repeat the story again to the person who picked up the phone. The she passed me to an officer named Encik Ramli. He told me to refer to Traffic Police cause the original summon came from them. I told him that this is going to be 'a chicken and egg story'. I tried to explain to him on the scenario but he brushed all my explanation and ask me to contact Ketua Polis Negeri (State Police Chief)! Absurd! He hung the call too.

I called the third time to the same Registration Department, a lady, Cik Zarina answered. She was better than the earlier 2 but she can't help. Instead she asked me to call his immediate Boss, Encik Tolib direct line. I made the call but no one answered.

Is this is the scenario in our daily life in Malaysia if we need to deal with the Government Departments? Holy Grail! I have heard many stories about this scenario and I have personally encountered numerous of them. This is not my first. And the sad part is the 2 Government Departments are the major Vehicle to deliver services to the public.

I have some unanswered question in my mind!
1) In the first place, why didn't the Police Officer settled the case last year?

2) Why the 2 Government Department not synchronized in their databased for reference although we have spent Millions on Data Management? We were made to run around for useless clues. Where is the efficiency?

3) How can they not being intellectual enough to judge my car from a motorcycle? The offence was committed on a speeding motorcycle and not a car!

4) Has there been a tendency of officer not introducing themselves? Haven't the officers being taught to identify themselves before any conversation? Where are the manners?

5) Don't they have the sympathy for the public when they notice the mistakes which were made by their counterparts? And the mistakes done will actually cause misery to the public!

I sympathize our Prime Minister for having great visions but many of the civil servants are not ready for it.

We may have the Biggest, Tallest, Greatest,.... But do we have the Best Civil Service?

Lackadaisical Disease will rot the wound...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wonder Pill To Treat Obesity?

Could 'Excalia' Be Another Viagra To Impotency ?

There is a major breakthrough for 'over weight' patient who wish to work 'thin' out permanently.

The pill: Excalia works in 2 ways. The first is by ticking the hypothalamus (our brain's appetite switch) to perform a faster metabolism in our body. The second is to boost a certain hormone to reduce 'hungriness' feelings. Both works well in our body to burn more calories and to reduce calories intake in a slow steady way every single minute.

The results: gradual slimming process.

Although the prescription is not fully recognised by the related FDA and the Government bodies, but the drug looks promising in it's way due to the already used drug combination in our pharmacy shelves. Further report on this... and this medical news report..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Update On Trans Fat

Government Is Coming Hard On Restaurants

I have posted some interesting facts related to Trans Fat on hydrogenated fat earlier on The Importance Of Understanding Trans Fat and Silent Killer In Our Big 'O'.

Now The States Government has come out new ruling on Trans Fat. It seems that the requirement of banning certain trans fat cooking oil isn't enough. They want the restaurants to formulate a way to display food calories per serving in their point of purchase.

The indication may point to the same directives when the Government started to impose Nutrition Information and Calories per serving on all food labels decades ago. Read more here....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Need Your Opinion

Yes, Your Opinion Is Very Much Appreciated

With the current festive mood and the new year resolutions, it's good to give a thought to the less fortunate.

Most of us are blessed with more than what we need. Sometimes we take for granted for what we have. And we tend to forget of the less fortunate.......... Well it's time to do some charity by telling me what we can do to make this a better world.

Please leave a comment if you have 1. I like to hear and share it.

Thank You.

A Slight Relieve News From the Pastor Side

Feeling Good For The Improvement

I had some good news from the Medical Centre. The pastor has been responding very well from the Leukemia treatment. I was told His condition has some improvement. This is the update for my previous post on Platelet 'SOS'

I wish him a speedy recovery and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Little Thought


The Year 2006 is in the week 51. After next will come 2007. What about it?

I have been counting it since 20years ago. Time flies. Sometimes I think I am born human in this world with a reason. In fact we all do.

Since we are in the transition of a New Year, it's always good to rekindle the things we achieved and the things we failed to implement. Looking back the good days are always nice and sweet. But the under achievement is really heartbroken.

I think it's time to improve on my focus and determination to achieve my master plan. Wish me luck and the energy to do it.

I wish you the same and the persistent to carry out your plans for this coming year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Platelet 'SOS'

Pastor (Name withheld for privacy) Needs Help

I came to know about this Pastor on the Dec 2nd. Gleneagles Medical Centre, Haematology Department, Penang called me up on that particular morning. They had my contact because I left my standby details during my last encounter with them.

It was a distress call from them to treat this Pastor. He was diagnosed with leukemia earlier. According to the reliable sources, he has been in treatment since mid Nov. His condition has not been good. Judging from what I heard, I could feel the trauma this Pastor is facing.

I knew it because my Mum was a throat cancer victim which lasted for a year. Believe me, being a cancer patient is the worst nightmare a patient could face. Her painful experience lasted for almost a year. At the last critical stage, my Mum was at the level of pain where no painkiller could immune her pain. She was forced to administer Morphine to release the agony. Our family could not do much except to watch Her suffer. We tried to provide the best medicare we could afford. She passed away on Nov 9, 1990, exactly a year after she was diagnosed of throat cancer.

The pain that She suffered all those while had gone with her death. I felt so relieve for Her. I know I should not have felt this way for my Mum but this is exactly how I feel till now. I just didn't want Her to suffer any longer. I could remember Her taking Her last breath and Her last smile to our family when we were by Her side. I knew She had suffered enough and wanted to live with peace in Her next life. We have this belief of Re-incarnation and Karma. In fact I am happy for Her to leave this world with this smile. I will aways remember Her last smile.

My belief has actually moulded me to become a person who always look for ways to help people without expecting anything in return. I have this motto; 'Remember What You Had Receive, Forget What You Have Given'. I feel GOD has given us the power to change what we want to be, so we have to make the most of what we have to change whatever we can. I believe with genuine intentions, we can achieve the impossibles.

Although I have never met this Pastor, I hope I can help him through with this trauma and pain by making sure He doesn't need to worry about blood and platelet supply. This is what I can do for now and I hope to have a continuous flow of standby donors to keep Him going till he recovers. Lets pray and wish Him speedy recovery. A little thought from Us will definitely make this Pastor better sooner.

Showering help has No Boundary, No Skin Colour, No Religion, No Financial Status and No Time Limit. Offer our help whenever we can, while we can.

We may need help someday. Maybe not now. Maybe not yourself. Could be your loved ones. You will feel better during crisis when that happens.... I have felt it before. And now I feel good to give back......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Something Invaluable to Others When Needed

Blood Saves Lives And Blood Cannot Be Manufactured

This cannot be truer!

About a month and half ago, my mobile was flooded with a couple of messages in the middle of the night. I wasn't aware of it cause I was at sleep. Then came a call at about 2am which actually woke me up. It was a SOS call from my best friend.

His wife had given birth to a baby boy a couple of hours earlier. There were some complications right after the cesarean delivery. Her placenta kept bleeding. It was a nightmare for her and her doctors who tried to save her.

I know my best friend for more than 25 years. That early morning call was the very first time he requested help from me. I knew it was extremely serious by the way he sounded. "Sevelle is in ICU and she needs blood urgently. She had used almost 15 packets of blood for her transfusion. Please help me to get donors.........". I knew I needed to do something right to help his wife.

One thing came to my mind is the list of names that I have kept in my mobile phone on the previous 'like' SOS. I started to type messages on my mobile. "Sevelle needs B+ type blood due to blood loss during childbirth. Pls respond immediately to save her life and pls forward this sms to all you know. She is now in GMC Hospital. I can be reached at 0174784.... TQ". The message was sent out to all the people I knew.

All through the morning, I have had good Samaritans who called and message me to enquire about her situation. Some went straight to check with the hospital. I went to the hospital the following morning. Situation was tense. My friend Johnny looked exhausted. I assured him not to worry about the blood donors.

Some came forward to donate platelet (one of the composition in blood to stop bleeding) because she had a very low platelet count (around 20). I was put on standby for it. I could not donate any blood because I donated blood a month ago but for platelet is fine. (I was told that we could donate platelet every week instead of every 3 months for blood)

Her situation did not improve until the third day. The total blood transfusion amounted close to 40 packets which is ridiculously high. According to the doctor, it is like draining the blood from our body more than 3 times (each time 13 packets). I was told that she might develop some side symptoms from it. True enough. She developed rashes all over her body till today.

As for donors who came forward to donate and for those who called and sms me, I wish to thank Them on my best friend behalf for their efforts, care and prayers during the time of emergency. I appreciate the good responds although I don't know some of them personally. I must say what ever good deed They have done, they will be rewarded with kind Blessings.

My thought for now is to provide whatever I could in time of need to the person who need it most. And the beauty part of it is to provide what money can't buy. Something which cannot be manufactured. Something from the kindness of our heart. Something very personal. Something which we can give without much sacrifices but is able to save a person's life. This is the beauty of life that we live in and being able to serve with great Dignity.

I wish I could do more for everyone. I wish I would be able to help those who wish to help and those who wish to be help. This is life. We live only once...... I wish someone will be able to guide me to help others in need in a Big way........

What Blogging Tools Do You Use?

Discover The Top Blogger Tools

This is something I discovered and I find it fascinating for comparing the pro and con of Blogging Tools available right now. Continue here... and here for how to use some of it in details...

Look at the power of blogging too....continue

And how to make money from blogging..

Monday, December 18, 2006

Teh Tarik In Outer Space!

Could Teh Tarik Work In '0 Gravity'?

When the first time our Malaysia Government proposed for our first trip to outer space, I was terribly shocked.

To Teh Tarik and make Roti Canai on board the shuttle. I felt what the he.. is our space organizer doing to promote these 2 actions on space. Couldn't they have any better itinerary on that journey. I was sick for the entire day!

The reason behind the 2 actions are to promote Malaysia on the World Map. Haven't they thought of the '0' Gravity in space would never make the Teh Tarik work? In fact the 'Malaysianauts' will make themselves look stupid by making a mess when the 'Teh' goes haywire in the Zero Gravity. The roti canai goes the same too.

Then come today on our local news on 'the Star'. At least they are doing some sensible itinerary for now...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Influenza Pandemic

Influenza Pandemic Alert

How prepared is the World greatest economy to deal with Influenza Pandemic?
read more here and here.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Botox to Relieve Severe Headache?

Botox has a new Use?

It has been used to make aged people to look young. Each treatment cost about USD1000. But now there has been a new to it. Learn more here on why is there a link for Botox to help relieve headache?

Friday, December 15, 2006


Fear: We Are Born With It For Survival!

It is a normal human reaction. There is no such thing as 'NO Fear'. It is for protection and to alarm us of the danger in store: A natural reaction to something potentially harmful to us.

What are the signs of Anxiety Disorder?
Look at the differences for Fear, Anxiety and Phobias. Anxiety due to Illness like Cancer and how to deal with it? Social Phobias?
What about the Fear in Children?
How to overcome the Fear In children?
How about the fear from man made actions? Terrorist Fear?
Watch how to overcome fear of public speaking on this short video.
How to cope with Common Fear?

On the lighter side of Fear. Watch this video..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stress Management

Stress Is A Big Word For Now and Will Be Bigger in Future

We are exposed to stress since childhood. Like it or not we have to. No escape!

Stress on school work, exams, peers pressure, bullies........ Adolescence comes relationships, competition of all sorts, work related issues,......... With family comes finances, children, bla....bla...bla... till the last day of our lives.

The severity has become tenser since man become status conscious. More competition breed more Stress. There is no denial.

Since there is no actual cure to stress, we need to address them as they come. We have to be prepared the unexpected in order to reduce the stress level to the minimum.

Identifying cause of the stress is a major step towards improvement. The more we know about the causes, the better we are able to handle it. Make a journal of the major cause of stress that come to you every week.

Look deeply on how to solve it if it were to be repeated. It would not take you long before you could manage the shortcomings. Then the next time when it happen again, you will be better prepared.

Time management is another major way to avoid stress. By prioritizing important task first would minimize lots of worries and anxiety. Keeping a list of to do things will help. Make sure you handle them from the most important to the less important. You will see the magic when this aspect is been handled properly.

Taking good care of yourself is important. Being healthy and getting adequate rest will help you to make good judgement.

Try to stay calm whenever any crisis arises. It helps to make things better by that way. Get outside help if possible. Share your feelings with the person you trust. Stay away from the person who could instill bad feelings towards you.

Get some time off to do things you like to do. Whether it is your interest or your hobbies or exercise.
For extra stress management issues: stress, stress assessment, stress and memory, stress and disease and the different kind of stress.

How to over come them? How to cope with stress and how meditation can help.

Quote of The Day

We may have different religions,
different languages,
different colored skin,
but we all belong to one human race.
We all share the same basic values.
~ Kofi Annan

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Managing Anger

Something Human Is Trying To Be A Master To It

We are sometimes driven up the wall unreasonably. Could it due to Emotions?

Well in deed it is. We could find the answer if we are truthful with ourselves: asking the question and answering it.

If we do the post mortem, we should at least find part of the answer on every occasion. Try to deal with it and figure out how not to repeat it. But sad to say, we never do the post mortem part.

The sad part is when our loved ones point out to us, we tend to be defensive. Denial and obscured reasoning were used to cover our ego. Then the explosion occur. KABOOOOOOM

Next, apologetic statements, hugging and ........ take place. Forgotten to rectify the problem. Then happen again and again.

The source may be link to our childhood. It could be inherited. We could have been the witness to the anger itself during adolescence.

I have a strong feeling, we need to address this problem by checking ourselves and to educate anger management to our children. I feel that we can win this war by not pointing fingers but by accepting and change for the better.

Check for details on children anger management.
Adult Anger Management?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Saltiest Sea Needs Help

Red Sea to Channel Water to Dead Sea

I am wondering the real consequences of 'Obstructing ' the nature of perspiration.

Aren't suppose the Dead Sea to become 'Dead' and dry up in the natural way? [Read More]

Monday, December 11, 2006

Medical Negligence


I would agree more than anyone else!

I have never thought of it until I visited a couple of health forums from the Western World. All the while I thought Back in Malaysia, we are not so educated on the subject health but I was wrong.

In fact I had the bad experience while my little sweety daughter was born in 1997. She had high fever when she was about 1 month old. We brought her to the hospital for check-up on her condition. The doctor was young and had no experience.

Upon seeing her condition, they went on to investigate her because she had some flowery look patterns on her legs and thighs. They carried on with some extraction of blood samples which was the usual stuff.

Subsequently they went 1 step further by getting my permission to extract some marrow to do some test. I didn't know what that was but the question to me was really a shock. Why on earth do they need that sample for? But I gave them the permission because all i wanted was for my daughter to recover. I was never doubtful about their ability.

My little 1 month old scream like never before during the ordeal. After that I went over to ask the Doctor all the What, Why and How stuff. I realize and I suspected they were trying to use my daughter as a guinea pig. They suspected she was having some kind of virus infection. I was so mad! I didn't want the doctors to carry on with the rubbish test and I left the hospital with my wife and baby.

I went over to have a second opinion from a well know pharmacist. Upon looking at my baby he said nothing is wrong with her but just a normal fever. She looks perfectly normal from all angles. The Pharmacist prescribe her with some fever solution. From that day everything was fine with her.

We learned a lesson from that day onwards. We started to use our guts to determine our family's' health. We knew that doctors are not all the time right. We may not need to heed the doctor's advise if we find something is not making up the puzzle in the right form.

The experience in real life for my little baby is not that serious but sad to say for some other cases, something even worst could happen. Not only in this part of the world but for a lot to the developed world too.

Medical Negligence is nothing new. Awareness is important to cross check on the doctors.. read more here....

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Allergies and The Cure

An allergen is any substance (antigen), most often eaten or inhaled, that is recognized by the immune system and causes an allergic reaction. More...
What about cold? Is it an allergy?

Who are the Risk group?
Most people may not be aware of what they have contracted but assume they have allergies...
Parents with allergies that produce symptoms association like asthma, hay fever, wheezing or hives risk developing allergic sensitization much earlier in life than previously know. Read more here..
The rates of eczema and hay fever seem to have stabilised and on the decline but Food allergies may take over a twist. Keep reading...

What Are You Allergy To?
Are you allergy to the more
Are you in the Seasonal or Chronic Allergies?
What are the Life threatening allergies?
The two common allergy triggers -- allergens (dust and pollen) and histamine (allergy cells within the body caused by infection, drugs and food)
Learn about Milk Allergy too...

What are the treatment available currently? Are there some kind of Herbal treatment or Ayurveda treatment?
What are over the counter prescriptions available?
Being Bold to the allergy may somehow have the positive effect to the allergy itself. Read more here..
Children who have Allergy to Insect Sting Allergies are advise to get shots for preventive measures.
Treatment for Eczema: Skin Care Tips
Alternative to Cow's Milk tips here...

Some of the Childhood Food Allergies may have over Exaggerated . Continue here...
There may be a cure to the problems in near future.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Breast Cancer

New Discovery: 'Women Need Not Wait To Conceive After Diagnosed of Breast Cancer'
The latest findings to conceive within 2 years after diagnosed of Breast Cancer has become nearer to reality. Although the research may not have reach it's conclusion but continue here..

Risk Group:
Who need to have screening for breast cancer?
What are the risk group for Breast Cancer?

How to Differentiate Types of Breast Cancer?
What are the types of Breast Cancer?

Seeking Help?
How to handle the stress?
What about the stress that affecting their sleep and the remedy?

Treatment Available:
Need to understanding Hormonal Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer?
Need to use Aromatase Inhibitors in Early Stage Breast Cancer?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Do Not Sit Up Straight

Is It Bad For You?

The advice to "sit up straight" has been challenged by a new study that suggests leaning back is a much much better posture.

Why is this so? Stress free back is the answer. Read here.

Sex Taboo?

The most taboo elements of society are also the most misunderstood..

Sex is no exception. We test you on the marvels of procreation (psst—babies don’t come from storks) and attempt to put some of the wildest myths to bed for good.--Heather Whipps

Find out more here

10 Bad Things That Are In Fact Good For You

What Do You Know?

What you know best may not be true.

Find out the top 10 bad stuff which turn out to be good for you. You will look different from now

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Importance of Understanding Trans Fat...

The Government Has Taken The Right Step To Stop 'Trans Fat'

It is good that most government has started to take steps to reduce Trans Fat from our food chain.

The action is necessary to reduce heart related disease in our society since it has taken a big toll and has exceeded the figure for death from road accidents.

Read more here and here

World Fastest Police Car

With Technology Efficiency, Do We Need It?

Sometimes I wonder whether we need the most sophisticated (expensive) equipment to catch the 'baddies'?

Look what we have got in here

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Silent Killer In Our Big 'O'?

No Cholesterol Is Far More Dangerous Than Cholesterol...

YES! According to research, Trans Fatty Acid pose a greater risk than Cholesterol because it can turn into plague. The plague will accumulate in between our artery wall over a period of time.

These plague are not removable by any means or drugs and it is a time bomb. When the plague increase in volume, it will narrow the blood passage way by pushing the artery wall from all sides.

When our arteries are hardened and for some reasons it rupture, we will be in for a hard time. Stroke and heart attack sets in.

The only remedy known is to consume Omega-3 on a daily basis to make our arteries flexible. Other properties of it are to make our heart stronger and reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol) in our blood streams. The HDL actually 'sucks' away the LDL in the blood path and cleanse blood passage the natural way.

However, our diet doesn't help till the Goverment put a stop to fast food outlet. Read more here

Wealth: How Is It Being Distributed?

Wealth Within Our Grasp?


If we understand the fundamentals and when we grab hold of the opportunity.

Never say NO. Got to have Positive Thinking.

Make sure our friends and neighbours are wealthy as we grow along...

Read more here

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drug Prescription Shocks!

We May Be Taking The Wrong Drugs Prescribed By Our Doctors

The shocking data show that we are prescribed with up to 19% of error for all the drugs that we take.

Some of it may be hazardous and some my cause a relapse in the diagnosed treatment.

Learn more of the Wrong Prescription.

The Birds and The Bees

What is The 'Ripe' Age You First Talk To Your Child About 'SEX'?

This is a difficult question but we can't avoid it. The more people avoid it, the more important it will be.

We have to be open in this matter sooner or later. Check it out Here...

Is Money To Be Found By Reviewing?

Some Pocket Money To Be Made From Blogging

There is this site Review Me that pays you when you are appointed to review on specific products and websites.

You need to have some criteria in order to be appointed, the guidelines can be found Here.

It works hand in hand with Bloggers who wish to speak their mind just like what you normally do in forums.

As for Products and Sites owner, You can have your Products and Sites review by the Experts in their respective field in the most competitive and efficient way in the shortest time.

Try it out and it actually benefits both sides.

Truly Financial Genius

1 Unit of Stock Worth USD100,000.00?

Yes. I am not kidding. 1 Lot of 100 Units is worth USD10M.

You can get more details about it from Warren Buffet, World's Greatest Investor.

Monday, December 04, 2006

In Case of Emergency

Putting ICE to Good Use

There is an International Understanding relative to the use of ICE.

As we have agreed that most people would carry a mobile phone. The phone has some how represented the beholder in many ways. Fashion/Trendy, Technology, Status(which has actually not so important for now), Identity and .......

But we may put it to good use in case of emergency. In fact the use is far greater than our own personal identification.

There is a great understanding to many groups to install ICE then followed by the next-of-kin person to contact in case of emergency. In the event of emergency, anyone who pick up the mobile will know who to reach for the particular moment.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Succeeding in 2007

Moral Authority Role in Success

Vital quality in ourselves like Character, Integrity, Fidelity, Trust and Honesty rise us to a new horizon. Find out more from Stephen Corey

How to be Successful in 2007 by Sergey Brin

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

New Alternative Drugs for Breast Cancer

With the advancement of Bio technology, Doctors have been able to target specific cancer cells in the Breast Cancer Patient. Learn how Doctors from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Duke University Medical Center explain...

Early Diagnostic of breast Cancer and early treatment as well will have survival rate of up to 95%. See how Harry Bear, MD, PhD of Professor of Surgery, Microbiology and Immunology; Virginia Commonwealth University and Terry Mamounas, MD of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine has to say about Chemotherapy

Friday, December 01, 2006

Why the Rich Got Richer

Wonder What Makes a Rich Person gets Richer?

There must be a strategy to do it? It is all about following a set of rules.

If you read and study how the rich accumulate their wealth, then you will definitely see the pattern in all of them.

Of course new ways are being drawn to Wealth with the help of technology but simplicity still stays. Copy these ways....

An Ingenuinetive Way to Get Attention

What Else Can You Think Of To Get 'Scholarship'?

Can you get any better ways to Fund your College Fees?

Fighting Insomnia

How to Sleep well?

Sleeping disorder or insomnia can be countered by just applying a few of this:

1) do not take nap during the day

2) take regular small meal portion

3) exercise during the day but not 3 hours before you sleep

4) do not read, watch TV or work on your bed. Program yourself to sleep when you lay down.

5) making love helps.

6) be discipline to sleeping and wake up time. Making sure they are the regular!

Find out further Here.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remedy to Hypertension

The Silent Killer in Our Body System...

We may not have noticed about our Hypertension or High Blood Pressure presence in ourselves.

This silent killer could have been in ourselves without our knowledge unless we make the necessary test.

Since it is so, we need to have TLC: Total Lifestyle Change.

By changing the Lifestyles, for example: quit smoking, reducing obesity and reducing salt intake, we will make be up to a balance Blood Pressure.

To get the details, watch out for what Dr.Reginald Robinson of Cardiology Associates has to say in this Video Clips

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LA may never be the same again

Hollywood may loose it's 'cozy' atmosphere..........

Phasing out old Palm Trees to make way for new breed may look like a good idea.

Oak trees for Los Angeles?

Understanding Leukemia

Leukemia in simple Terms

Neil Shah, MD, PhD -Clinical Instructor of Hematology and Oncology, UCLA School of Medicine
explain indepth of this term Leukemia in a simple way. Watch this Video..

Weight Loss Methods

Weight Loss the Surgery VS Non Surgery

How effective the Weight Loss technique will depend on the beholder but it is not the case for all the time.

I would recomend you to check this on the the benefits of Surgery

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fight Insomnia

10 Proven Ways to Fight Insomnia..

How to Avoid Asthma Attack

What and How to Avoid Asthma Attack.......

This may help in many instances

The Greatest Contributor To Human Mankind


Yes. It is considered the most efficient machine in the world.

Some the amazing facts about them:

1) We are able to power up to 5000km with energy equivalent to 1 Gallon of Petrol.

2) A regular cyclist will have a fitness level of someone 10 years younger.

3) Cycling time taken to reach any destination in major cities like London , Tokyo, NY and Amsterdam are faster than any other mode of transport. Even beating Subways.

4) Cycling is 4 times faster than pedestrian but uses 5 times less energy.

5) A Bangkok driver spent an average 1050 hours(44 days and nights) a year on the road!

6) Every person is able to reduce up to 700kg of carbon dioxide emission yearly if they decided to switch their transport mode to bicycling for a 10 km daily trip.

7) About 100 Million bicycles are produced yearly compare to 40 Million cars in the world.

8) And of course it definitely reduces health problem for all. Reduce medical cost. Reduce highway construction. Improve air quality for City living.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Not To Do After A Meal?

8 Important Actions we Must Not Do immediately After a Meal

* Do Not Smoke: Smoking after a meal increases the chances of Cancer by 10 fold according to Researches conducted by UCLA.

* Do not Eat Fruits: Consuming fruits after a meal will bloat the stomach. It is advisable to consume the fruits before the meal.

* Do not drink tea: Tea is normally in an acidic form. It will react and harden the protein that we consume.

* Do not drink too much liquid: It include water and juices. Hydrochloric Acid released in the stomach are critical to our digestion. We do not want to dilute the 'Stomach Juice' to reduce it's efficiency and let undigested food to stay in our stomach for too long.

* Do not Loosen your belt: Loosening the belt will in fact risk entangling our intestine.

* Do not Bath: Bathing will increase blood circulation to our limbs and therefore reduces the circulation to our digestive system.

* Do not walk too much: This is contrary to most believes but it is true. Walking will in fact make our absorption system in our intestine less efficient.

* Do not sleep: Sleeping will slow our metabolism. The food will remain in our digestive system for far too long thus will eventually bloat and risk infection to the intestine and stomach.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Avoiding the much dreaded FEAR: Rape

Psychology Point of View of Rape Cases from the Convicts.

A case study of Convicts being carried out to survey "the clues" that led to RAPE.

To the astonishment of many, there are a certain criteria that most Rape Cases happen with the potential Rapist would look out for:-

1) The Victim having long or pony tailed hair. The reason being easier to grab the victim with less scuffle.

2) The Rapist would normally attack the Victim during early morning between 5am to 8am.

3) Normally the Rape will take place in a secondary scene nearby where the Victim is near.

4) Rapist would look for those who wear clothes that are easily taken off for their convenient.

5) The Rapist would look for the victim who are caught off guard like when they are on their mobile phones.

6) A Major Retaliation with the Rapist would normally discourage them to proceed further cause they would not want to cause alarm.

7) Catching a good look at the stranger or being in an attentive manner would discourage them to take action. They would not want to be identified in the parade line in the event if they are caught.

8) Having some long object like umbrella would make the Rapist think twice before the action.

9) Psychological words shouted to the would be Rapist like "STOP", "POLICE" and "HELP" would help to deter them from the crime. They just want to look for helpless victim!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sleeps' Wonder

Sleep to a Healthy and Slim Figure

A new study led by Dr.Sanjay R. Patel of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland suggested that sleeping more hours will keep middle-age women slimmer!

The study conducted over 16 years to more than 68,000 US women confirmed the claim.
Sleeping habits determine the metabolism of a person.

Sleep deprived person would tend to eat more due to the altered hormones which control the appetite and metabolism.

Generally those who sleep 7 hours or more would be an ideal state for a healthy life styles. For those who sleep 5 hours or less would generally be more prone to fatigue and exercise less.

This will lead to more energy store in our body and ultimately turn into body fat!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Unbelievable but True

There was this woman who took a can of soft drink like any other person.

But no one has ever thought the can could take her life apart...

She was admitted to ICU the very next day. Doctors had no clue to what had happened to her. While the doctors were analyzing more test the next couple of days, her condition turned for the worst. She died after 2 days.

Upon post mortem, she died of Leptospirosis.

Investigator traced the origin to the can of soft drink that she took earlier.

They found some traces of dried rat urine on the emptied can.

Apparently she did not clean the top part of the soft drink can and that was the consequences.

Case studies conducted by NYCU reveal that soft drink cans sometimes can be as contaminated as a toilet bowl.

Please take precaution so as not to fall for sickness from self negligence.