Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Managing Anger

Something Human Is Trying To Be A Master To It

We are sometimes driven up the wall unreasonably. Could it due to Emotions?

Well in deed it is. We could find the answer if we are truthful with ourselves: asking the question and answering it.

If we do the post mortem, we should at least find part of the answer on every occasion. Try to deal with it and figure out how not to repeat it. But sad to say, we never do the post mortem part.

The sad part is when our loved ones point out to us, we tend to be defensive. Denial and obscured reasoning were used to cover our ego. Then the explosion occur. KABOOOOOOM

Next, apologetic statements, hugging and ........ take place. Forgotten to rectify the problem. Then happen again and again.

The source may be link to our childhood. It could be inherited. We could have been the witness to the anger itself during adolescence.

I have a strong feeling, we need to address this problem by checking ourselves and to educate anger management to our children. I feel that we can win this war by not pointing fingers but by accepting and change for the better.

Check for details on children anger management.
Adult Anger Management?

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