Friday, December 29, 2006

Mindset Role In Healthy Living

Healthy Mindset Makes Healthy Life

I have this believe in setting a good healthy mindset.

That mindset is in fact better than having the most comprehensive insurance scheme ever! Believe me. Some people may make all the effort to eat well, sleep well and exercise well but smoke and drink heavily. What's the point in this sense?

It is sad that not many would put their health as the primary concern by taking care in each and every one of their actions. Some of them would have acknowledge the side effect from smoking and drinking but majority of them would choose to ignore the negative sides and take their health for granted.

Their attitude drives them to procrastinate. What they have in mind for a healthy lifestyle is not urgent and can wait for tomorrow and the day after. Day after day, month after month and year after year. The awareness starts when something serious developed. Then maybe they will start to think....

Probably it's too late or probably the organs have develop some defects. At this scenario, even the best medicine and supplement could not reverse the 'half gone organs'. Who is to blame? Not the cigarette. Not the doctors. Not the genetic but the attitude of the beholder.

Taking simple but discipline steps would help. Stick to the simple plan like cutting down the bad habits. Make a note of the change. Even by simply cutting down the cigarettes by 1 stick a day. By the 20th day, probably you would have cut off from smoking if you were on a packet a day. The actions are not drastic but the achievement will make great improvement in your future health.

Keeping a journal of your current state of health and the way to improve it will help to eliminate most hurdles people face. You will get a great boost when you see the results from your small mindset change.

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