Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bad Experience At The Police Traffic Department and JPJ

Should I Call It My Bad Day?

I know it is not good to post this bad experience of mine today in my blog but I can't help it. It seems like the situation is getting worst...

Although this has nothing to link to my health blog but I am really frustrated with the service I have received from these 2 Departments.

I had my traffic summons status checked online at MyEG eServices. I had 4 summonses for the past one year. 1 for speeding, 2 for parking offences and another which was not mine.

The problem was about my car which I had changed the registration number effective on Nov 15, 2002. It was acknowledged by the JPJ(Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan/ Road Transport Department). On the day itself, I had my new registration number with a new number plate on my car.

Some where late last year, I was shocked to discover that I had a summon for the old number on a motorcycle dated back Dec 12, 2002. I went to the Traffic Police in Jalan Petani to rectify the problem. The Officer showed me the speed trap photograph on my old number. The offender was on a Kriss motorcycle. The Officer knew it was a mistake in that instance and assured me that he will handle the case personally with their Department.

When I checked my summon status 2 days ago, that particular summon was still there. Nothing was done from the Officer whom I encountered last year. I went back to the Traffic Police Department to rectify the problem again and at the same time to settle my other dues. To my amazement, the duty officer told me that it was not their problem on the mistakes and ask me to get JPJ to clarification.

I knew this would be a long hassle stuff for me and for Malaysians in general. I made myself present to the JPJ at 1pm to settle it but was told that they did not have the officer in charge in their Penang Island Department. She told me to deal direct with JPJ Seberang Jaya which is about 1 hr drive from here on the mainland. Instead I ask for their contact number.

I was given this number 04-3988809 and to look for Bahagian Saman (Summon Department). I made the call to the Department. As usual, needless to say, need to wait for a long time for respond. I ask for the Summon Department. A man picked up the phone. I introduced myself and the reason for my call. Then in return, I asked for his name. He said he did not need to tell me his name. I was shocked with the kind of respond although I spoke with respect to him. He referred me to Bahagian Pendaftaran (Registration Department). Then he hung up!

I called again and this time to the Reg. Dept. Repeat the story again to the person who picked up the phone. The she passed me to an officer named Encik Ramli. He told me to refer to Traffic Police cause the original summon came from them. I told him that this is going to be 'a chicken and egg story'. I tried to explain to him on the scenario but he brushed all my explanation and ask me to contact Ketua Polis Negeri (State Police Chief)! Absurd! He hung the call too.

I called the third time to the same Registration Department, a lady, Cik Zarina answered. She was better than the earlier 2 but she can't help. Instead she asked me to call his immediate Boss, Encik Tolib direct line. I made the call but no one answered.

Is this is the scenario in our daily life in Malaysia if we need to deal with the Government Departments? Holy Grail! I have heard many stories about this scenario and I have personally encountered numerous of them. This is not my first. And the sad part is the 2 Government Departments are the major Vehicle to deliver services to the public.

I have some unanswered question in my mind!
1) In the first place, why didn't the Police Officer settled the case last year?

2) Why the 2 Government Department not synchronized in their databased for reference although we have spent Millions on Data Management? We were made to run around for useless clues. Where is the efficiency?

3) How can they not being intellectual enough to judge my car from a motorcycle? The offence was committed on a speeding motorcycle and not a car!

4) Has there been a tendency of officer not introducing themselves? Haven't the officers being taught to identify themselves before any conversation? Where are the manners?

5) Don't they have the sympathy for the public when they notice the mistakes which were made by their counterparts? And the mistakes done will actually cause misery to the public!

I sympathize our Prime Minister for having great visions but many of the civil servants are not ready for it.

We may have the Biggest, Tallest, Greatest,.... But do we have the Best Civil Service?

Lackadaisical Disease will rot the wound...

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