Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Platelet 'SOS'

Pastor (Name withheld for privacy) Needs Help

I came to know about this Pastor on the Dec 2nd. Gleneagles Medical Centre, Haematology Department, Penang called me up on that particular morning. They had my contact because I left my standby details during my last encounter with them.

It was a distress call from them to treat this Pastor. He was diagnosed with leukemia earlier. According to the reliable sources, he has been in treatment since mid Nov. His condition has not been good. Judging from what I heard, I could feel the trauma this Pastor is facing.

I knew it because my Mum was a throat cancer victim which lasted for a year. Believe me, being a cancer patient is the worst nightmare a patient could face. Her painful experience lasted for almost a year. At the last critical stage, my Mum was at the level of pain where no painkiller could immune her pain. She was forced to administer Morphine to release the agony. Our family could not do much except to watch Her suffer. We tried to provide the best medicare we could afford. She passed away on Nov 9, 1990, exactly a year after she was diagnosed of throat cancer.

The pain that She suffered all those while had gone with her death. I felt so relieve for Her. I know I should not have felt this way for my Mum but this is exactly how I feel till now. I just didn't want Her to suffer any longer. I could remember Her taking Her last breath and Her last smile to our family when we were by Her side. I knew She had suffered enough and wanted to live with peace in Her next life. We have this belief of Re-incarnation and Karma. In fact I am happy for Her to leave this world with this smile. I will aways remember Her last smile.

My belief has actually moulded me to become a person who always look for ways to help people without expecting anything in return. I have this motto; 'Remember What You Had Receive, Forget What You Have Given'. I feel GOD has given us the power to change what we want to be, so we have to make the most of what we have to change whatever we can. I believe with genuine intentions, we can achieve the impossibles.

Although I have never met this Pastor, I hope I can help him through with this trauma and pain by making sure He doesn't need to worry about blood and platelet supply. This is what I can do for now and I hope to have a continuous flow of standby donors to keep Him going till he recovers. Lets pray and wish Him speedy recovery. A little thought from Us will definitely make this Pastor better sooner.

Showering help has No Boundary, No Skin Colour, No Religion, No Financial Status and No Time Limit. Offer our help whenever we can, while we can.

We may need help someday. Maybe not now. Maybe not yourself. Could be your loved ones. You will feel better during crisis when that happens.... I have felt it before. And now I feel good to give back......


kenwahfu said...

You have a good motto:-
'Remember What You Received, Forget What You Have Given'.

Let me put it this way:-
"Happy Are Those Who Give And Forget To Ask Back In Return"


Anonymous said...

I admire your courage to share thoughts with us. May GOD Bless You for your good actions.