Monday, December 11, 2006

Medical Negligence


I would agree more than anyone else!

I have never thought of it until I visited a couple of health forums from the Western World. All the while I thought Back in Malaysia, we are not so educated on the subject health but I was wrong.

In fact I had the bad experience while my little sweety daughter was born in 1997. She had high fever when she was about 1 month old. We brought her to the hospital for check-up on her condition. The doctor was young and had no experience.

Upon seeing her condition, they went on to investigate her because she had some flowery look patterns on her legs and thighs. They carried on with some extraction of blood samples which was the usual stuff.

Subsequently they went 1 step further by getting my permission to extract some marrow to do some test. I didn't know what that was but the question to me was really a shock. Why on earth do they need that sample for? But I gave them the permission because all i wanted was for my daughter to recover. I was never doubtful about their ability.

My little 1 month old scream like never before during the ordeal. After that I went over to ask the Doctor all the What, Why and How stuff. I realize and I suspected they were trying to use my daughter as a guinea pig. They suspected she was having some kind of virus infection. I was so mad! I didn't want the doctors to carry on with the rubbish test and I left the hospital with my wife and baby.

I went over to have a second opinion from a well know pharmacist. Upon looking at my baby he said nothing is wrong with her but just a normal fever. She looks perfectly normal from all angles. The Pharmacist prescribe her with some fever solution. From that day everything was fine with her.

We learned a lesson from that day onwards. We started to use our guts to determine our family's' health. We knew that doctors are not all the time right. We may not need to heed the doctor's advise if we find something is not making up the puzzle in the right form.

The experience in real life for my little baby is not that serious but sad to say for some other cases, something even worst could happen. Not only in this part of the world but for a lot to the developed world too.

Medical Negligence is nothing new. Awareness is important to cross check on the doctors.. read more here....

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