Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Silent Killer In Our Big 'O'?

No Cholesterol Is Far More Dangerous Than Cholesterol...

YES! According to research, Trans Fatty Acid pose a greater risk than Cholesterol because it can turn into plague. The plague will accumulate in between our artery wall over a period of time.

These plague are not removable by any means or drugs and it is a time bomb. When the plague increase in volume, it will narrow the blood passage way by pushing the artery wall from all sides.

When our arteries are hardened and for some reasons it rupture, we will be in for a hard time. Stroke and heart attack sets in.

The only remedy known is to consume Omega-3 on a daily basis to make our arteries flexible. Other properties of it are to make our heart stronger and reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol) in our blood streams. The HDL actually 'sucks' away the LDL in the blood path and cleanse blood passage the natural way.

However, our diet doesn't help till the Goverment put a stop to fast food outlet. Read more here

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