Monday, December 18, 2006

Teh Tarik In Outer Space!

Could Teh Tarik Work In '0 Gravity'?

When the first time our Malaysia Government proposed for our first trip to outer space, I was terribly shocked.

To Teh Tarik and make Roti Canai on board the shuttle. I felt what the he.. is our space organizer doing to promote these 2 actions on space. Couldn't they have any better itinerary on that journey. I was sick for the entire day!

The reason behind the 2 actions are to promote Malaysia on the World Map. Haven't they thought of the '0' Gravity in space would never make the Teh Tarik work? In fact the 'Malaysianauts' will make themselves look stupid by making a mess when the 'Teh' goes haywire in the Zero Gravity. The roti canai goes the same too.

Then come today on our local news on 'the Star'. At least they are doing some sensible itinerary for now...

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