Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stress Management

Stress Is A Big Word For Now and Will Be Bigger in Future

We are exposed to stress since childhood. Like it or not we have to. No escape!

Stress on school work, exams, peers pressure, bullies........ Adolescence comes relationships, competition of all sorts, work related issues,......... With family comes finances, children, bla....bla...bla... till the last day of our lives.

The severity has become tenser since man become status conscious. More competition breed more Stress. There is no denial.

Since there is no actual cure to stress, we need to address them as they come. We have to be prepared the unexpected in order to reduce the stress level to the minimum.

Identifying cause of the stress is a major step towards improvement. The more we know about the causes, the better we are able to handle it. Make a journal of the major cause of stress that come to you every week.

Look deeply on how to solve it if it were to be repeated. It would not take you long before you could manage the shortcomings. Then the next time when it happen again, you will be better prepared.

Time management is another major way to avoid stress. By prioritizing important task first would minimize lots of worries and anxiety. Keeping a list of to do things will help. Make sure you handle them from the most important to the less important. You will see the magic when this aspect is been handled properly.

Taking good care of yourself is important. Being healthy and getting adequate rest will help you to make good judgement.

Try to stay calm whenever any crisis arises. It helps to make things better by that way. Get outside help if possible. Share your feelings with the person you trust. Stay away from the person who could instill bad feelings towards you.

Get some time off to do things you like to do. Whether it is your interest or your hobbies or exercise.
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