Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Not To Do After A Meal?

8 Important Actions we Must Not Do immediately After a Meal

* Do Not Smoke: Smoking after a meal increases the chances of Cancer by 10 fold according to Researches conducted by UCLA.

* Do not Eat Fruits: Consuming fruits after a meal will bloat the stomach. It is advisable to consume the fruits before the meal.

* Do not drink tea: Tea is normally in an acidic form. It will react and harden the protein that we consume.

* Do not drink too much liquid: It include water and juices. Hydrochloric Acid released in the stomach are critical to our digestion. We do not want to dilute the 'Stomach Juice' to reduce it's efficiency and let undigested food to stay in our stomach for too long.

* Do not Loosen your belt: Loosening the belt will in fact risk entangling our intestine.

* Do not Bath: Bathing will increase blood circulation to our limbs and therefore reduces the circulation to our digestive system.

* Do not walk too much: This is contrary to most believes but it is true. Walking will in fact make our absorption system in our intestine less efficient.

* Do not sleep: Sleeping will slow our metabolism. The food will remain in our digestive system for far too long thus will eventually bloat and risk infection to the intestine and stomach.

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Christina Clifford said...

Great post Alfred. No wonder I have been having stomach upsets at times. Maybe it is due to the indigestions.....