Saturday, November 25, 2006

Avoiding the much dreaded FEAR: Rape

Psychology Point of View of Rape Cases from the Convicts.

A case study of Convicts being carried out to survey "the clues" that led to RAPE.

To the astonishment of many, there are a certain criteria that most Rape Cases happen with the potential Rapist would look out for:-

1) The Victim having long or pony tailed hair. The reason being easier to grab the victim with less scuffle.

2) The Rapist would normally attack the Victim during early morning between 5am to 8am.

3) Normally the Rape will take place in a secondary scene nearby where the Victim is near.

4) Rapist would look for those who wear clothes that are easily taken off for their convenient.

5) The Rapist would look for the victim who are caught off guard like when they are on their mobile phones.

6) A Major Retaliation with the Rapist would normally discourage them to proceed further cause they would not want to cause alarm.

7) Catching a good look at the stranger or being in an attentive manner would discourage them to take action. They would not want to be identified in the parade line in the event if they are caught.

8) Having some long object like umbrella would make the Rapist think twice before the action.

9) Psychological words shouted to the would be Rapist like "STOP", "POLICE" and "HELP" would help to deter them from the crime. They just want to look for helpless victim!

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