Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Greatest Contributor To Human Mankind


Yes. It is considered the most efficient machine in the world.

Some the amazing facts about them:

1) We are able to power up to 5000km with energy equivalent to 1 Gallon of Petrol.

2) A regular cyclist will have a fitness level of someone 10 years younger.

3) Cycling time taken to reach any destination in major cities like London , Tokyo, NY and Amsterdam are faster than any other mode of transport. Even beating Subways.

4) Cycling is 4 times faster than pedestrian but uses 5 times less energy.

5) A Bangkok driver spent an average 1050 hours(44 days and nights) a year on the road!

6) Every person is able to reduce up to 700kg of carbon dioxide emission yearly if they decided to switch their transport mode to bicycling for a 10 km daily trip.

7) About 100 Million bicycles are produced yearly compare to 40 Million cars in the world.

8) And of course it definitely reduces health problem for all. Reduce medical cost. Reduce highway construction. Improve air quality for City living.

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