Saturday, December 30, 2006

Smoking Hazards

"No Cigarette is Safe"

This is the Warning published by JT International on a leaflet for of all the coffee shops which distribute cigarettes. It was published in 4 languages- English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.
The message from JT International to smokers is:
"No cigarette is safe.
Cigarette companies have traditionally used various means to allow consumers to distinguish between products. These may be words, like "lights", "mild", or pack colours, or other elements of products and pack design. None of these elements of pack or product design, including brand names, taste and flavour or our cigarettes, are intended to suggest that any cigarette is less harmful than any other. If you want to reduce or eliminate the health risks of smoking, quitting is the best choice for you. Many smokers have quit without help, but if you have difficulty quitting, you should consult a health professional."
I am vary of the reason for the big tobacco company to publish this memo. Could it be because of the preparation of a big litigation battle? Like the one which is being carried out against the tobacco companies?

Apart from the warning sign and a brief write-up on the danger of smoking, there are no further details on the leaflet like the address or the specific company. Quite strange! But this is what I found out about JT International.

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