Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Health Check For Ourselves And For Our Neighbours Too

Can We Control The Air Emitted From Our Neighbour?

I am living in Penang, Malaysia, part of South East Asia. We had a problem for half part of the year.........when we have dry season in our neighbour.....Indonesia.

It is a grieving problem whenever our neighbours had their harvest done, they practice a conventional way of clearing their land. Burning it. The effects has been tremendously bad and the situation gets worst when the wind direction shift towards us.

Our affected countries' leaders had their views forwarded to our Indonesia neighbour on numerous occasion. read related story here....

We are at mercy cause we can't do much. The land they burnt belongs to them.

But it sound strange to me when I hear the news today about the controversy Walt Disney had with the neighbours and the Hong Kong Government 'sidelines' those affected.

I think various view should be sought before any long term effects on health from the air pollution created by the fireworks. continue here....

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