Monday, January 22, 2007

Charity Meaning....

How Can Someone Be So Mean And Unthoughtful?

I am living in an apartment. Someone had an idea to bring forward a recycling bin at one of the corners at our apartment lobby.

The bin belongs to a Buddhist Foundation Tzu Chi. The Foundation involved in many kinds of charity for the needy. They include dialysis centre, natural disaster help centre, running of schools, endless.........

It was a very Nobel indeed to have it done cause otherwise our recyclable waste would have gone unseparated.

We have about 100 household in our apartment block. Almost all of us contributed some recyclable waste to the bin. But out of the many, some could have mistaken it as a rubbish bin and contributed rubbish instead. In the end, some residents complaint about the stench. They wanted to abandon the project. Can't they think of how to resolve the human problem instead of scrapping the bin?

I am saddened by the way my neighbours handle the situation. In my thoughts.......

1) Why can't the resident pay a single thoughts to the needy people who is waiting for help at the end of the line.

2) Don't they have the feeling for the person who is waiting for help at the hospital bed, the one who are affected by the natural disaster, the one who needs scholarship to further studies?

3) What is our work to get the action to separate rubbish and recyclable item? Negligible!

4) I feel blessed when we are able to give. Especially to charity. It shows we are of capable, healthy, have enough and able.

5) Don't we feel happier to give than to receive?

6) How do we educate our children? To be a giver, receiver or the by stander? And endless......

How can we be so unthoughtful in this society when we think about giving back to those who are in need?

Is that difficult to do? Being thoughtful?

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