Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Is The Meaning Of Charity?

My Thoughts On Charity...

- Great man leaves a legacy- by doing something beneficial to human mankind. We remember then because they have contributed to the man survival, bringing human species to a next level.

- There is a similarity for Great Man- Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who declare to donate most of their fortune to charity. They are willing to part their wealth to help.

- The 'Organ Pledgers'- those who are alive who pledge to donate their useful organ in the event when they pass over unexpectedly. They are the heroes.

- The NGOs' who fight for human rights, environment, animals,.... They champion their goals without expecting much.

- The parents who give unconditionally to their children. This is the basic of human and most of the living creature.

For me, I feel blessed when I am able to give while I am able. Let's give this a thought..... There's greatness in everyone of us. Let's bring it out and expand it to all...

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