Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cloned Product Allowed Now?

The FDA Close To Accepting On Cloned Product Now?

Check this report by the FDA.

When the issue of cloning surfaced during the last couple of years ago, there were lots of disapprovement from the Authorities. The FDA were the first to react. Now it seems the reverse. They seem to approve.

I have no idea what it seems to be and I am in no position point of view to suggest any objection but any Tom, Dick and Harry would know the consequences of the matter.

We human being survived on this Planet due to our immune system and the right conditions of all aspect of life to our species. We need each other species to survive in their natural habitat.

Just like the sea corals which need the right combination of temperature, sun light, salinity, pH level and etc....... The corals will die if any of the factor changes . Like wise in our forest. Even a termite play an important role in the ecology. They have been there millions of years. Take them away and the whole ecology system collapse. They have their role to play.

When there is a genetic change of live stock that directly feed the human, the consequences will be greatly altered. We can't take the change in a matter of a few years. Our DNA has not changed since the last 10,000years. And now we need to adapt to a new kind of food? Can WE?

We have seen the effects when we breed our chickens. We used to raise them in 90 days during our grandmother's time and now we need only 25 days to make them as big for the dinner table. The effects on human for now? The children now we see mature sooner than they should be. In fact some of the 16 years old look like 22! Why? Because of the food we eat.

We don't want any surprise like that for our future generations. We don't need another booster to make us grow faster and older. For every evolution in food chain, there must be some unknown side effects in our DNA. We will not find out the effects until many years to come. But when we do, it's too late.

Who is to blame then?

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Left Brain said...

Interesting post.

The idea of cloning is just creating one cow that is genetically identical to the parent. Since we already eat the parent, there will be no effect on humans.

Humans have changed their food a lot over the years. Corn and rice look nothing like they did when they were "domesticated". Only through human-controlled breeding did we get the food products we have now. Genetic engineering is just a faster way to do the same thing.

Natural doesn't mean something is good and human-made doesn't mean it's bad. I wish every Tom, Dick and Harry knew that.