Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Salt: How Much Is Enough?

We Can't Live Without It But We Don't Need Too Much

Salt were worth as much as gold Centuries ago. During the period, people went to war for it. Now, we are over supply and become a health problem for some.

In today's flood of processed food, we are over consuming it. We have this problem of high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure more than our grandfathers. Why?

The problem lies in the urban lifestyles. We consume more processed food than before. And the problem lies from the prepared food. We are unable to access the amount of sodium from the food we take. How much do we need a day?

Alternatively, we could save our health by simply making the choice of food we desire and cook our meal without sodium. We can have it as tasty as we want by making a healthy substitution. Continue here...

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