Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Admiration To A Charitable Friend

This Is What I Mean Charity- Without Defining Race, Colour, Religion and Reward

I have known this friend for more than a year. Penny is in her forties and have a lovely family. She is committed to her family and children needs. Yet she could find the extra energy and time to fulfill her social obligation.

She is a Reiki Level III practitioner and a Christian. She offered her Reiki service to cancer patients in Mount Miriam Hospital in Penang. For free of course. And it doesn't end here.

She is the pioneer to set up a Reiki Healing Centre in one of the Buddhist Temple: The Mahindarama Temple. Her beliefs in Christianity did not stop her from performing charity when she is needed.

This short but real story shows me the true Charitable person whom I admire in and around me. I would like to wish her long life and health for her continuous deeds.....

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