Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Secret Of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

I found out about this wonderful salt from a friend who happened to have survived a heart attack. We were talking about his experience of the last heart attack which occurred a couple years back.

Then I came to notice his vast experience in health knowledge. He is very much overweight. A smoker although he had tried to stop many times. We discussed many issues and one of them to me is about 'gall bladder stone' and 'kidney stone'. He had the understanding of using Epsom Salt to 'dissolve' the stone's presence in our organ.

I was amazed and I made a search on this particular subject. I am astonish with the findings. It magnesium and properties include being a fertilizer, cosmetics and medicinal value, stress relieve therapy and food taste enhancer, health benefits, and the Epsom Salt applications.

And do you know you can grow Epsom Salt Crystal?

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