Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remedy to Hypertension

The Silent Killer in Our Body System...

We may not have noticed about our Hypertension or High Blood Pressure presence in ourselves.

This silent killer could have been in ourselves without our knowledge unless we make the necessary test.

Since it is so, we need to have TLC: Total Lifestyle Change.

By changing the Lifestyles, for example: quit smoking, reducing obesity and reducing salt intake, we will make be up to a balance Blood Pressure.

To get the details, watch out for what Dr.Reginald Robinson of Cardiology Associates has to say in this Video Clips

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LA may never be the same again

Hollywood may loose it's 'cozy' atmosphere..........

Phasing out old Palm Trees to make way for new breed may look like a good idea.

Oak trees for Los Angeles?

Understanding Leukemia

Leukemia in simple Terms

Neil Shah, MD, PhD -Clinical Instructor of Hematology and Oncology, UCLA School of Medicine
explain indepth of this term Leukemia in a simple way. Watch this Video..

Weight Loss Methods

Weight Loss the Surgery VS Non Surgery

How effective the Weight Loss technique will depend on the beholder but it is not the case for all the time.

I would recomend you to check this on the the benefits of Surgery

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fight Insomnia

10 Proven Ways to Fight Insomnia..

How to Avoid Asthma Attack

What and How to Avoid Asthma Attack.......

This may help in many instances

The Greatest Contributor To Human Mankind


Yes. It is considered the most efficient machine in the world.

Some the amazing facts about them:

1) We are able to power up to 5000km with energy equivalent to 1 Gallon of Petrol.

2) A regular cyclist will have a fitness level of someone 10 years younger.

3) Cycling time taken to reach any destination in major cities like London , Tokyo, NY and Amsterdam are faster than any other mode of transport. Even beating Subways.

4) Cycling is 4 times faster than pedestrian but uses 5 times less energy.

5) A Bangkok driver spent an average 1050 hours(44 days and nights) a year on the road!

6) Every person is able to reduce up to 700kg of carbon dioxide emission yearly if they decided to switch their transport mode to bicycling for a 10 km daily trip.

7) About 100 Million bicycles are produced yearly compare to 40 Million cars in the world.

8) And of course it definitely reduces health problem for all. Reduce medical cost. Reduce highway construction. Improve air quality for City living.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Not To Do After A Meal?

8 Important Actions we Must Not Do immediately After a Meal

* Do Not Smoke: Smoking after a meal increases the chances of Cancer by 10 fold according to Researches conducted by UCLA.

* Do not Eat Fruits: Consuming fruits after a meal will bloat the stomach. It is advisable to consume the fruits before the meal.

* Do not drink tea: Tea is normally in an acidic form. It will react and harden the protein that we consume.

* Do not drink too much liquid: It include water and juices. Hydrochloric Acid released in the stomach are critical to our digestion. We do not want to dilute the 'Stomach Juice' to reduce it's efficiency and let undigested food to stay in our stomach for too long.

* Do not Loosen your belt: Loosening the belt will in fact risk entangling our intestine.

* Do not Bath: Bathing will increase blood circulation to our limbs and therefore reduces the circulation to our digestive system.

* Do not walk too much: This is contrary to most believes but it is true. Walking will in fact make our absorption system in our intestine less efficient.

* Do not sleep: Sleeping will slow our metabolism. The food will remain in our digestive system for far too long thus will eventually bloat and risk infection to the intestine and stomach.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Avoiding the much dreaded FEAR: Rape

Psychology Point of View of Rape Cases from the Convicts.

A case study of Convicts being carried out to survey "the clues" that led to RAPE.

To the astonishment of many, there are a certain criteria that most Rape Cases happen with the potential Rapist would look out for:-

1) The Victim having long or pony tailed hair. The reason being easier to grab the victim with less scuffle.

2) The Rapist would normally attack the Victim during early morning between 5am to 8am.

3) Normally the Rape will take place in a secondary scene nearby where the Victim is near.

4) Rapist would look for those who wear clothes that are easily taken off for their convenient.

5) The Rapist would look for the victim who are caught off guard like when they are on their mobile phones.

6) A Major Retaliation with the Rapist would normally discourage them to proceed further cause they would not want to cause alarm.

7) Catching a good look at the stranger or being in an attentive manner would discourage them to take action. They would not want to be identified in the parade line in the event if they are caught.

8) Having some long object like umbrella would make the Rapist think twice before the action.

9) Psychological words shouted to the would be Rapist like "STOP", "POLICE" and "HELP" would help to deter them from the crime. They just want to look for helpless victim!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sleeps' Wonder

Sleep to a Healthy and Slim Figure

A new study led by Dr.Sanjay R. Patel of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland suggested that sleeping more hours will keep middle-age women slimmer!

The study conducted over 16 years to more than 68,000 US women confirmed the claim.
Sleeping habits determine the metabolism of a person.

Sleep deprived person would tend to eat more due to the altered hormones which control the appetite and metabolism.

Generally those who sleep 7 hours or more would be an ideal state for a healthy life styles. For those who sleep 5 hours or less would generally be more prone to fatigue and exercise less.

This will lead to more energy store in our body and ultimately turn into body fat!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Unbelievable but True

There was this woman who took a can of soft drink like any other person.

But no one has ever thought the can could take her life apart...

She was admitted to ICU the very next day. Doctors had no clue to what had happened to her. While the doctors were analyzing more test the next couple of days, her condition turned for the worst. She died after 2 days.

Upon post mortem, she died of Leptospirosis.

Investigator traced the origin to the can of soft drink that she took earlier.

They found some traces of dried rat urine on the emptied can.

Apparently she did not clean the top part of the soft drink can and that was the consequences.

Case studies conducted by NYCU reveal that soft drink cans sometimes can be as contaminated as a toilet bowl.

Please take precaution so as not to fall for sickness from self negligence.