Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Power of Words and Thoughts To Actions

"With our thoughts, we make our world" -Gautama Buddha

"We are what we behold" -William Blake

"Energy follows thought" -Annie Besant

"We are more than 99.99% similar in genetic but it is the Thoughts and Words that differentiate us between noble, successes and kindness" -Anonymous

Human evolved for the past tens of thousands of years. As along we progress, we notice the significant changes in thoughts of the next generation.

Looking at how we progress since the last 100 years, we have to acknowledge the vast improvement on how we think. There is no denial the physical wealth created during this era has got a lot to do with the clever uses of words and thoughts.

With the improvement of printing and communications, we were able to propel ourselves into a high speed 'expedition'. Thoughts are transferred in a matter of split of a second. Fresh information is nothing new and astonished about. But it wasn't the the case before Internet was available.

We have what it takes for many to propel themselves into what they wish with the right tools. Provided with the right thoughts and the thoughts being transform into the right words.

Nevertheless, our human evolution will carry on as usual with these tools available to help us generate better life. The basic of life continued to be dominated by the words we use to express and the way we think individually will bring ourselves to a higher level.

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